work4u is a project of the nationwide non-profit organisation JOBLINGE.

At JOBLINGE, we support young adults who are looking to connect to the world of work. Since 2008, we have accompanied more than 13,000 young people on their way into the labour market with a placement rate of 75 percent.

In 2016, we also launched the Kompass programme, in which we qualify young refugees with few language skills for training in Germany and place them in such training. So far, more than 2700 young people with a refugee background have participated in the programme - also with a placement rate of more than 75 percent.

At JOBLINGE, we stand for many years of successful expertise in the topic of labour market entry for people with starting difficulties as well as refugee backgrounds.

We combine practical training with personal, individual support and the concrete opportunity to find an apprenticeship or job through one's own efforts. To make this possible, we combine the commitment and expertise of a wide range of actors and institutions from business, government and society - including 2400 companies, 2700 voluntary supporters and 50 public sponsors nationwide.

JOBLINGE is a joint initiative of the Boston Consulting Group and the Eberhard von Kuenheim Foundation of BMW AG. More:

"It is very much about attitude. But also about the pedagogical approach. How do we reach and activate, how do we initiate change? It's about finding exactly the balance between support and the impulse to take responsibility."

Kadim Tas, Board of Directors JOBLINGE e.V.