Job search

Job search


The Internet offers numerous resources for finding a job. We have compiled various platforms with suitable offers for you or your refugee.


Platforms and job boards

Some platforms/job exchanges on the Internet are aimed directly at refugees from Ukraine who are looking for work. Others offer jobs for English and Russian speakers. We have compiled a list of free offers below (further offers exist online).

Telegram group with job offers: 

Facebook groups for English-language jobs:  

Job offers for Russian speakers: 

General platforms: 

  • Job Aid Ukraine offers jobs in English and Ukrainian for well-qualified and academically educated Ukrainians with knowledge of German or English on a full- or part-time basis. A CV and certificates or school diplomas are required.
  • workeer (only in German) makes sure that employers have a positive attitude towards refugees and tries to match applicant and employer profiles as perfectly as possible.
  • UA Talents (especially for refugees from Ukraine) arranges jobs throughout Europe for professionally experienced people who have lost their jobs in Ukraine due to the war.
  • jobs4refugees arranges freelance jobs for well-qualified and academically educated refugees with knowledge of German or English.
  • EU4UA, also in other European countries, offers jobs in the hotel and restaurant industry, sales, IT, marketing, logistics and production (German, English, Ukrainian, Russian).
  • Employ Ukraine, all areas (German, English, Ukrainian)
  • Adecco, all areas, also in other European countries (English, Ukrainian)

Offers for English-speaking jobs: 

Job opportunities in certain specialized areas: 

Job Opportunities in the Tech Industry:  

Examples of job opportunities with lower language skills:  

For university graduates without professional experience (websites in German):  

Part-time jobs for students (websites in German):  

Find a training position (websites in German):  

Job center or offers from the Employment Agency all over Germany. Unfortunately, the offers are only available in German.

In Germany, many offers are made on LinkedIn or Xing are published. Feel free to use a language/area/city filter to find suitable offers.

If the refugee already has a specific company in mind, they can also search for open positions on the company's career pages.

Help with job search

In addition, various counseling centers such as the Youth Migration Service or the Migration counseling for adults offer support with open questions.

If the Ukrainian you are supporting has questions about jobs on the German labor market, the Employment Agency under the service number 0911 178-7915 with employees who speak Ukrainian or Russian. The office hours are available Monday through Thursday from 08:00 to 16:00 and Friday from 08:00 to 13:00. The Employment Agency provides advice and concrete job offers and also offers a wide range of support measures free of charge, such as covering application costs, coaching or training courses.

As soon as refugees are registered with the job center, they receive intensive support and assistance in finding work.

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