Role and tasks of volunteers

Role and tasks of volunteers


You have already participated in an onboarding with our work4u team (or will soon)? From now on you can prepare for your volunteer role. For this purpose, we have compiled information from the onboarding appointment for you.


The role of the volunteer at work4u is multifaceted. For their refugee you are:

  • Your confidant
  • Your companion and advisor
  • Your access provider and network
  • Your pilot through the German system
  • Your advocate


The first conversation

The life situation of refugees is very different. To get the best understanding of what their refugee is experiencing and what support they need, the first conversation is important. For this you will find a few hints here:

  • Get to know each other: 
    • Get to know "your refugee" and give them time to build trust and open up to you
    • Tip: Call!
  • Ask about the specific need: 
    • What is the qualification?
    • Desire of employment (part-time or full-time...)
    • ...
  • Discuss the communication path: to avoid uncertainty in communication, discuss which path of communication makes the most sense for both of you: 
    • A tool (WhatsApp, Telegram, Video...)
    • How often (regularly, as needed...)
    • If necessary, formulate milestones


Possible tasks

After the initial interview, you will have a better idea of what accompaniment your refugee needs, e.g.:

  • Answers for general questions, challenges in everyday life and integration
  • Support in the jungle of authorities
  • Support in the preparation of application documents
  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Accompany recognition
  • Get knowledge in the application process
  • On which portals can I search for jobs?
  • What are the potential employers?
  • Is my employment contract in order?
  • Get inside knowledge of the job market
  • Explain working model in Germany (part-time or full-time, mini-job)


Example of how a tandem can run:


Framework and limits of engagement

Even as a volunteer, you need to take care of yourself. If you need a break in your escort, communicate that to your refugee and please let us know. Their health and well-being are important to us. We recommend that at the beginning of your engagement you clearly tell your refugee when you will be available, how many hours per week on average you plan to accompany them, and how you would like to communicate (by phone or Skype, by message, in person at a public place, etc.).

They are made with a person who has fled. Many refugees have trauma related to war. How deep this trauma is and how it plays out is difficult to know. Offering psychological help yourself could exacerbate the trauma. There are professional support services for this - e.g. Crisis Chat, a psychological support service in Ukrainian and Russian. If you notice that your refugee is very stressed in everyday life and suffers a lot, you could recommend such offers.

Your work4u team is at your disposal for (specific) questions! Please contact us at or feel free to come to our weekly online consultation, every Monday from 5:00 to 5:30 p.m. (LINK)!

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